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Ordinary People–Extraordinary Ministry

God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary ministry for Him

Happy Fathers Day

Faithful dads are loving leaders

Midnight Jail Delivery

God’s plan for His people and church will not be undone by mere men

God Accepts People From Every Nation

We are to give the Gospel to everyone no matter what their race or station in life

Apprehended for Christ

No person is beyond God’s ability to bring them to Himself

Seeds of the Gospel

Wherever we go as believers we are to scatter the seeds of the Gospel

Growing Pains

Unmet needs can be a source of contention or an opportunity for growth in the church

To Tell the Truth

God has called us to believe, live & tell the truth of the Gospel no matter what the cost

Obeying God rather than Men

The Apostles were determined to obey God no matter what the personal cost

What does Christ;s resurrection mean to You?

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