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God-Honoring relationships

God-honoring relationships help to bring people to salvation in Christ, build up their spiritual lives and brings honor to God.

Don’t Trip Up–Build Up

Love for others should govern our exercise of liberty when it might cause a weaker Christian to stumble or fall

Accept One Another

Love Fully-Live Holy

We are to Love fully and live holy because our mission is to bring the Light of Our Lord to our world.

Christian Citizenship

Every believer must submit themselves to the governing authorities because God is the one who set them up

Doing right when you’re wronged

The Christian response to being wronged is to do right toward your enemy and leave all vengeance with God.

Love must be Sincere

Serving God

God’s Gifts and Call are Irrevocable

Righteousness of Faith

Salvation cannot come without faith and Faith cannot come without a knowledge of God’s Word

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